Why is battery modelling important?

Battery modelling is fundamental to develop new cell technologies, cost-effective development of battery-based systems and long-term optimisation of batteries through their years of life in the field.

Physics-based battery models

Accurate battery models enable us to predict battery behaviour, understand the barriers to performance and design batteries and battery materials which help us to overcome these barriers.

Advanced simulations enable battery makers to design and evolve new battery technologies without the costs of creating numerous physical prototypes.

BPX is a physics-based standard that uses mathematical equations that have been proven to represent the underlying physical processes.

Physics-based models are computationally more demanding than empirical models, but they are also significantly more accurate.

Modern simulators, such as PyBaMM and DandeLiion, make use of mathematically rigorous ways to simplify and therefore speed-up such models, while maintaining accuracy. For example, using PyBaMM the Doyle-Fuller-Newman model can be solved in under 0.1 seconds, while the reduced-order Single Particle Model and Single Particle Model with electrolyte can be solved in just a few milliseconds.

Download the BPX standard